Whalens Grindstone Shores
On the shores of Lake Huron in historic Grindstone City, Michigan

Please be advised that two (2) shares of Whalen’s Grindstone Shores, Inc. stock are being offered for sale by a current shareholder.

This notice is issued in compliance with the by-laws of the corporation. Share ownership provides an investment in Whalen’s Grindstone Shores, Inc., qualifies for voting rights on corporation concerns as well as priority purchase of mobile homes in the residential park, discounted rental rates on lot and boat docks, and complimentary boat storage with dock rental.

Asking price: $15,000 per share
If both shares are purchased by same buyer: $28,000 for both shares

If interested, please contact:

Gregory Rowell: (734) 658-5045


Wayne Morgan: 989 738-7664
President, Whalen’s Grindstone Shores